The summary of bilingual school project

Bilingual education is an enriched educational proposal, as two languages and two cultures meet to create a unique and high quality school experience. The children will be able to interact two languages and two or more cultures. Bilingual education aims not only bilingual skills but also a great preparation for school and the knowledge about different cultures. In our bilingual program the lessons are held in two languages by qualified teachers following the principle of ‘ʼone person- one language”. The children in this school are in contact with an  anglophone atmosphere,listen to the English language constantly and are encouraged to use it but are never forced to until they feel ready and confident about themselves. The curiosity of the child, combined with his strong desire to communicate, facilitates the process of linguistic development.

In the last year of nursery (5 years old) the children will take the exam at trinity school of Rome.

TRINITY COLLEGE is a well-known british examination board, The trinity exams are equated with levels of (CEFR)Common European Framework of languages.

Trinity is also included in the list of M.I.U.R certificates. The advantage of this exam is to measure standardly the progresses made by the students Trinity exams evaluate the communicative skills in the real use of the language directly and thatʼs what has pushed us to integrate our educational project with the trinity project. Trinity is the only certificate that is ideal for really young children who start learning the English language.The children will be evaluated by a trinity expert who will release a well known international certificate.

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