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(Disposition of GdP, MAy 8th 2014 published on G.U. n 126 of 03/06/2014 as per 2002/58/CE

This  document is part of the “Website and cookies note” and is written as it is only to allow a better understanding of the use and disabling of cookies by the user.

The user can express its options on the use of cookies on (see detailed list below) also through the browser setting provided below. The user can also set an “anonymous browsing” allowing it to browse websites whithout saving any information about the visited websites, pages, passwords used and other parameters.

How to disable cookies

Warning: with regards to the disabling of all cookies types by the user (including technical cookies), be advised that some functionalities may be reduced or unavailable.

Google: in order to disable analityc cookies and to prevent Google Analityc to gather browsing data you can download the tool from the following link:

To disable the use of Google cookies visit:

Flash Cookie:

To disable Flash Cookies use Flash Adobe management tools available at

To disable all cookie typologies used by this website directly from the browser:

If you are using a web browser not present in the list, please refer to the online documentaion or to the guide provided by your browser in order to obtain information

Be advised that the Owner is a mere intermediary with regards to the links provided in this file and cannot be held responsible for alterations or updates


Cookies are small-sized text strings that the websites send to the user’s browser in order to be memorized and re-transmitted to the same sites on the next visit. Other tools are subject to the regulation (i.e. web beacon/web bug, clear GIF etc) and those also are used to identify the user and the terminal.

During the navigation of a website the user can receive on its terminal a series of coolies sent by third parties, i.e. other websites which can be hosting elements used by the original websites, such as images, maps, sound effects or link to other domains

The cookies stored in a browser are ususally several and kept for a long time, used for several goals: automatic identification, session analysis, information about specific settings about the users accessing the server etc. Other information about cookies can be found at

In order to correctly regulate those tools, they must be differentiated, provided that there is no technical difference among them with regards to the scope of their use. The italian D. Lgs of MAy,28th 2012 n. 69, amending the art 122 of the Code with reference to 2009/136/CE contains dispositions about the informed consent which the users must provide before the installation of cookies used for non-technical purposes.

Additional information about cookies on

While visiting the present website some items called first party cookies (issued by the website) can be installed on your device, as well as other items called third party cookies (issued by third parties). Disabling some of those cookies can lead to limitations in the use of the website and to prevent the user to fully use the website material and services. In order to decide which cookies accept and which not, here follows a descriptions of the cookies used by

Cookie Types

  • Navigation cookies: They allow a regular navigation of the website and the browser-server connection. They let the website work properly and ease the process of showing the content on the device. Without those cookies some functionalities such as log-in procedures or e-commerce tools may not be available. They are technical cookies necessary to use the website properly.
  • Functional cookies: they are stored on the device and are use to memorize the users’ settings in order to allow a smooth, personalized experience. For instance, they help the site record and remembers personal data such as passwords, shopping carts, language preferences etc.). They are not essential to the website’s functioning but are useful to improve the overall experience.
  • Analytic cookies: They gather information about how the users access the website, which pages he visits more often. This website uses third party “Google Analytics” cookies, which are a statistical analysis service provided and managed by Google which allows an anonymous analysis of the users’ beheviour. All the information are trasmitted and stored by Google. Other information can be found at:

Those cookies are not essential to the website’s functioning.

  • Social Network cookies: They allow the interaction between the users’ social network account and the website and are not essetial to the website’s functioning. Their most common use is to ease the sharing of website contents on other social networks. Cookies are transmitted to other sites by means of a plugin. The way those third parties use the cookies are determined by the parties’ regulations. Here follows a series of links to some of the most common social networks pages:

Facebook (setting): access your account and go to privacy settings

Twitter :
Twitter (setting):
Linkedin (setting)
Google+ :
Google+ (setting):

Cookies providing interactive maps

They allow the use of customized, interactive maps on the webiste This website uses Google Maps in order to give information about the hotel’s exact location. Specific information can be found at
Those cookies are not essential to the webiste’s functioning

Flash Cookies

In some cases this website can use Adobe Flash Player in order to publish some specific content such as videos. Flash cookies are installed on the user’s device but are managed through an interface independent from the browser. This implies that all the information about how to manage those cookies must be found on the Adobe website. For further information please refer to Those cookies are not essential to the website’s functioning but if not installed some functionalities of the website may not be accessible.

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