The Little People School promotes individuality, growth and the well-being of the child through musical, psychomotor, graphic pictorial and expressive activities.  It is exactly for these reasons that since October 2014, the school has been offering afternoon music and theatre classes run with consummate skill and diligence by professionals in the field who provide further added value to the structure.

musica2Since children are inherently very sensitive to music we organize a music class which aims to develop their listening, imagination concentration and motor skills.

Moreover, Thursday mornings are dedicated to `aquatics` for all those little students aged 3 and acquaticitàabove.

Since its inauguration, the Little People School has already reached an objective of paramount importance, which is that of creating a relationship of trust and cooperation with the children and their families.  All this has been made possible thanks to the professionalism and commitment of the staff that have been selected meticulously and who undergo continuous training.

Ilibrin addition to the educational activities, the school has decided to offer something more.  In fact, `The Little People School` does not close, not even on weekends!!  With the help of various assistants, the staff organize various classes which include reading fairytales with music, theatre, cooking and a lot more to involve both the children and their parents.  These are excellent `boredom busters` which promise to become very exciting especially during those long and rainy winter weekends.  a cena con noi

And finally, here`s a pleasant and unique addition for you.  Once a month (on a Friday) the school will organize a new event called “Dinner with Us!” where, upon reservation, both enrolled and external children will have the chance to dine, play, dance and have fun even at night!!  In short, an evening designed for the little ones but also for their parents who, without a single worry in the world, will be able to carve out some time all for themselves, sure to have left their children in the hands of our trusted staff.


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