Yoga classes for children from 3 and 12 years of age. Also open to external children


We use Yoga as a game to discover our bodies and the abilities that we all possess.  This class has been designed for your children and it is carried out in a fun, educational, inclusive and non-competitive environment.

Children will learn to develop coordination, flexibility, strength and balance. They will also improve their concentration skills and increase awareness of their bodies, their emotions and of the environment in which they are growing.

Yoga practice from an early age is one of the most valuable prevention tools and it promotes general psychological and physical well-being.

  • Thursdays :  5.15pm to 6pm  (7-12 year olds)
  • Fridays :      5.15pm to 6pm (3-5 year olds)

Music and Games Class. Also open to external children.

corso di musica

Music contributes to a harmonious development of the human being. In their innocence, children are able to learn any type of language with more ease. An early and joyous approach to the music world helps children to express themselves serenely and to develop their intellectual potential in each discipline.

This class is held once a week with the aim of allowing the pupils to make music become one of their own expressive assets.

The goal is to bring the children closer to the music world through rhythm, sound, improvisation and through the acquisition of the most simple and significant elements of the music language.  With the aid of fun role-plays, over the years they will learn all the basic musical elements such as slow/fast, loud/soft, high/low, long/short, tied/staccato.  They will also learn to recognize various musical instruments and to `tune-in` to the one they resonate best.

A 45 minute group lesson is held once a week.

Swimming Class – “Watch me float!”

piscinaOur school organizes a swimming class for middle and senior children between September and June.  The idea of this class stems from a request by the parents who have expressed a wish for their children to gain confidence, personal safety and autonomy in water.  

This weekly, 45 minute long course takes place at  `Le Cupole` swimming pool.  


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