English Class – “Yes, we can”

Trinity college certificate by the end of school year.

From this year, a project of English Class “Yes, we can”.

The educational proposal aims to enrich the linguistic competence.

The project will start from the last grade of kindergarten (5 years). The intervention of the mother tongue educator is based on a communicative approach that actively involves the students through “role-plays“, board games and interactive narrative texts for 5-year-olds.

The program is integrated with the English international programs of Trinity College. The purpose is too enhance every interdisciplinary and transversal aspect that is brought about by the synergy of the two curricula, two languages and two cultures.

Textbooks indicated by the international certification body Trinity College London will be used as teaching support.

The “Yes we can” project will have an extremely positive effect in terms of familiarity with the second language and therefore will be an added value to the training offer. This section will include an exam with Trinity College at the end of the educational year in order to obtain certification.

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