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The Little People School guarantees both the rigorous respect of a dietary plan created by a pediatrician and nutritionist, as well as the preparation of food by giving importance to its freshness and seasonality.  Food is steamed, oven-baked, boiled or stewed with no additional use of salt or sugar. We only and exclusively use extra virgin olive oil.

We provide two menus: one for the summer and the other for the winter, which rotate over 4 weeks.

For children with special dietary needs, we offer a `special diet` menu and adapt the meals accordingly, following a medical certificate.

We also offer a `personalized menu` which takes into account possible ethic/religious requirements.

Food and Fairy Tales

Learning to eat healthily is important….and it`s fun too!!!

At the Little People School we try to offer a fun relationship with food whereby we turn nutrition into a game by combining it with the `fantastic` world of fairy tales. 

Scrumptious recipes and wonderful fables to turn each of our little ones into a gourmet!!

Pappe da favola`Pappe da Favola` (Fablelike din-dins) by Carmela Cipriani.

Meal times are one of the most important daily events for children, and for their Mums these are indeed the most challenging. This book provides many recipes based on healthy and natural ingredients and it is designed to guide the little ones to discover new flavours.

In addition, each recipe is accompanied by a story or a nursery rhyme to entertain the child while it eats and to make mealtimes more enjoyable and relaxing.

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